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Spark (火花) - 這系列是想帶出衝擊可能會撞擊出剛烈的火花, 追夢者需以毅力去迎戰. 火花因撞擊而出, 為了帶出主題, 予人碰撞之感, 火花系列的單品用上好些拼布的設計. 不同布料拼合但仍可和諧並存, 追夢著懷著毅力迎向夢想路, 也可走出一片天! 而銅鐵色系扎染, 配以木紋仿皮設計, 則盼予人剛烈之感, 喻意著毅力之意.

"Spark" - this release would like to present dreamers need to have willpower in fighting with roaring sparks induced by attacks. To present striking a spark, we have applied patchwork designs in the fashion items of this collection, in the hope to give a feel of "crash". The harmony of different fabrics patched together deduces dreamer with willpower still can walk his dream. For fabrics, we have used copper-colored tie-dye and wooden frame printed synthetic leather to represent strength and willpower.

Size Specs:
肩寬 x 胸寬 x 衣長 x 袖長
Shoulders x Chest x Length x Sleeve

Free Size: 49cm x 55cm x 73cm x 22cm

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