Men's Golden Dream Sweater Hoodie

Products Description:

Number Slogan系列以正能量標語為主題, 而同系列時尚單品, 品牌則把標語融入造型, 再加上今季大熱的棒球元素, 設計了各款男女優閒服裝, 讓這個秋冬充滿正能與活力!

In the design of the Number Slogan series fashion items, we have applied the print concepts in its tee collection, adding in the trendy baseball elements in style, in an aim to express positive power and vitality in this fall winter.

Size Specs:
肩寬 x 胸寬 x 衣長 x 袖長
Shoulders x Chest x Length x Sleeve

Free Size: 46cm x 54cm x 65cm x 68cm

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