“SALT” 跟 “SUGAR” 都是不起眼的調味料,
同樣地, 人不看輕自己, 在自己的位置努力發揮, 挑戰各種 “不可能”,
那管他人看你為 “short” (SALT 的廣東話諧音, 即中文「瘋了」) 或
“傻㗎”(SUGAR 的廣東話諧音, 即中文「傻了」), 也能邁進自己的夢想地!
這就是 SALT de SUGAR 的品牌概念.

以 “Be a Dreamer” 作為 Slogan,
SALT de SUGAR 鼓勵人大膽作 “short” 跟 “傻” 的造夢者.

SALT de SUGAR 是由 Net 與 Gar 主理的香港街頭時裝品牌.
主打T-shirts, 並提供限定時尚單品.
SALT de SUGAR 的特色是把“Be a Dreamer"的概念, 以不同形式的插畫呈現, 每件產品都表達著共同的信念與訊息.

Even though “SALT” and “SUGAR” are seen to be insignificant,
they are essential in all cuisines. Similarly,
one should not look down himself for a dream, despite others consider
he is “crazy” (derived from the homonym of “SALT” in Cantonese) and
“silly” (derived from the homonym of “SUGAR” in Cantonese) in doing so.
It is still possible for one to stride to his dreamland
if he tries his best to face challenges.
This is the concept of SALT de SUGAR.

“Be a Dreamer” is SALT de SUGAR’s slogan,
to encourage oneself becomes a so-called “crazy” and “silly” dreamer.

SALT de SUGAR is a Hong Kong street fashion brand managed by Net and Gar,
sells t-shirts, and also offers limited edition fashion items.

The distinct of SALT de SUGAR is to present the concept of "Be a Dreamer" through various kind of illustrations, whereas every its product delivers the same belief and message.